Otajonov Otaboy Bobojonovich


This photo was taken on January 20, 1943 at the front. In the photo, Otajonov Otaboy Bobojonovich. He had sent this photo to his father with good intentions. On the back side of the picture there are inscriptions: "I present this picture to my dear father. Father, you will keep it until I go. Ataboy January 20, 1943". Unfortunately, he died of wounds on August 25, 1943 at the front. Otajonov Otaboy Bobojonovich was born in 1922 in the city of Khiva. When the war started, he completed the training course for junior commanders in the Samarkand region and received the rank of lieutenant. He served as a company commander in the 228th Rifle Regiment. Stalin region, in the memorial book, it is written as follows: "He was buried in 11 graves in the Bogorodichny village cemetery." This photo document is stored in the Khorezm Regional State Archive No. 891 in the personal collection of N. Atajanov.