Xalliev Botir


Khalliev Batir was born in 1917 in Khamza kokhoz, Gurlan district, Khorezm region. Kholiyev is well known as a skilled grower and organizer in the collective farm named Batir Khamza. He was the head of the cotton brigade for many years. Effectively working in the executive committee of the village council, from 1966 until his retirement, he provided fuel for transport vehicles for twenty years. He was a brave warrior in the village, an active participant of the Great Patriotic War, Batir, who went to heaven in June 1942, fought for the liberation of the homeland in his name until February 1945. He took an active part in the liberation of a number of cities of our country, as well as neighboring Norway, from German-fascist invaders in the formation of the 1st Baltic Front. For his services in the battles, he was awarded the Order of the Patriotic War of the first degree, and the employee of the Urganch District Military Commissariat, Anatoly Sventarnykh, pinned this order on the brave warrior's chest.