Mirzali Mingboyev


Mirzali Mingboev was born in 1924 in the village of Boyovut, Gulistan district. Mirzali, originally from Boyovut, studied at the school of this collective farm. After finishing the seven-year school in the 1939-1940 school year, he started working as a primary school teacher. But the sudden outbreak of war prevented Mirzali from working in peace like everyone else. Not long after that, he, along with his peers, joined the ranks of volunteers to fight against the German-fascist tyrants and defend the motherland. On October 16, 1942, Mirzali went to the village of Boyovut as the thirty-sixth soldier. The train that Mirzali got off came directly to Kursk. Soldiers from Elesk station were divided into parts. Brother Mirzali was accepted as a private in the 172nd Rifle Division of the 1st Ukrainian Front. In September 1943, the 172nd Rifle Division was tasked with liberating the Ukrainian city of Povlagrad from the enemy. On the night of September 17, the enemy was surrounded and fired mercilessly. Soon after, Mirzali was awarded the 111th degree "Shuhrat" order for his bravery in liberating the mining town from the German gazanda. In June 1946, Mirzali returned to his village with his chest full of orders. He fought his way from Kursk to Berlin and returned happily to his native village. From 1946-1947 academic year, brother Mirzali started teaching at eight-year school No. 24, located on the collective farm named after Frunze. M.Mingboev was awarded with a number of honors - the Pavlograd hill of the Communist Party of Ukraine, the 172nd Pavlograd arrow division for active participation in the liberation of the city from the German-fascist invaders of the executive committee of the City Council of People's Deputies.